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Ayub Ali     ئه‌یوب عه‌لی -

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Ayub Ali
 Song Name Length Type Listen     Select all ناو گورانی
 Amsew Xewim Pitewe Dy4 Min, 8 Sec RAM Listenئه‌مشه‌و خه‌وم پێته‌وه‌ دی
 Birit Ekem , Birim Ekey5 Min, 2 Sec RAM Listenبیرت ئه‌که‌م ، بیرم ئه‌که‌ی
 Blin Be Yarim3 Min, 46 Sec RAM Listenبڵێن به‌ یارم
 Borwam Nebu Wa Zu Broyt4 Min, 6 Sec RAM Listenبروام نه‌بوو وا زوو بڕویت
 Cani Cani Cani4 Min, 5 Sec RAM Listenجانێ جانێ جانێ
 Ci Binusim , Basi Ci Bkem7 Min, 26 Sec RAM Listenچی بنوسم ، باسی چی بکه‌م
 Dwa Roj U Dwa Dydar3 Min, 43 Sec RAM Listenدووا رۆژو دووا دیدار
 Em Cawmy , Aw Cawimi4 Min, 4 Sec RAM Listenئه‌م چاومی ئه‌ۆ چاومی
 Em Xemem2 Min, 44 Sec RAM Listenئه‌م خه‌مه‌م...
 Giyan U Giyan3 Min, 10 Sec RAM Listenگیانوو گیان
 jyny_min_betu_lire_tenhayie3 Min, 55 Sec RAM Listenژینی من بێ تۆ لێره‌ ته‌نهاییه‌
 Kati Geramewe Bulat7 Min, 2 Sec RAM Listenکاتێ گه‌رامه‌وه‌ بۆ ڵات
 Kirase Te Melese, Hawar Le3 Min, 7 Sec RAM Listenکراسێ ته‌ مه‌له‌سه‌ ، هاوار لێ
 Kurdistan4 Min RAM Listenکوردستان
 Lim Renja , Lim Tura3 Min, 17 Sec RAM Listenڵێم ڕه‌نجا ، ڵێم تۆرا
 Meqam Naz5 Min, 13 Sec RAM Listenمه‌قام ناز
 Mero Asiq Gelik Pyroztre6 Min, 19 Sec RAM Listenمه‌ڕۆ ئاشق گه‌ڵێ پیرۆزتره‌
 Renge Nedbinemewa3 Min, 32 Sec RAM Listenڕه‌نگه‌ نه‌تبینمه‌وه‌
 Roj U Sewem Tenhaiye4 Min, 34 Sec RAM Listenڕۆژو شه‌وم ته‌نیاییه‌
Total: 19 Songs 83 Min, 13 Sec 
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Ayub was born in the town of Sangaw in northern Iraq.He finished his primary school in that town and after that ayub was moved to Sulaymanya city where he finished his secondary and high school. Ayub attended Salahaddin University in 1992 to study Mechanical Engineering; he had his graduation in 1997 and became a Mechanical Engineer. Although Ayub loved music and wanted to become a singer since his childhood he wasn’t able to join a music band or take part in any music activities until he joined University where he met one of his best friends called Blend Qaradaxi who was a musician. Through his friend Blend, Ayub had a great chance to meet so many famous and professional musicians and as a first step in his musical career Ayub became a member of a musical band called Zanko music band which was established in 1993. Then Ayub received a few record deals from some of the famous Kurdish musicians to record a few tracks and some of those tracks were filmed and showed on Kurdish television channels. Ayub became more talented by releasing few more single tracks before he decide to leave Kurdistan and settle down in England in 1999, after 3 years of no producing or releasing any tracks, Ayub released an album in 2003 .....
Birthplace: Sangaw
Website: ayubali.com/oldsite/ayub.htm
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