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Razbar Group - Ahl Haqq     گروپی ره‌زبه‌ر - ئه‌هل حه‌ق -

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Razbar Group - Ahl Haqq
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Kurdish Dances

The "Ahl-Haqq "is one of the few mystical orders in which men and women dance together. The main purpose of the traditional dance is to give expression to the joy and enthusiasm that is created through the music and zekr (spiritual hymns), some of which are part of the Kurdish dance repertoire devoted to feasts and joyous occasions such as weddings.

The most famous of these dances is the Tchuppi, which dates back to the time of Soltan Eshaq, the founder of the order. Soltan had seven spiritual companions, one of whom was named Pir Razbar. Intoxicated and overcome with divine love during a zekr, she began to dance Tchuppi. Since then, this kind of dance has been known as Tchuppi-e Razbar.

The Tchuppi dance repertoire includes many variations in technique and tempo, such as Hal-Par-Kah (hopping steps), Pa-Pesht-Pa (one step backward) and Pa-Var-Pa (one step forward). The choreography of the dance is often tailored to the particular program. The women wear colorful costumes that produce a magnificent visual display of light and color.


Wir über uns

Gegründet wurde die Gruppe Razbar 1997 von einigen in Deutschland lebenden Mitgliedern der Ahl-e Haqq (Anhänger der Wahrheit). Die Mitglieder der Gruppe stammen aus Haschtgerd, einer von überwiegend kurdischer Kultur beherrschten Stadt im Randgebiet Teherans. In einer fortlaufenden Reihe von Konzerten der sakralen Musik in Deutschland, Frankreich und anderen europäischen Ländern widmete sich die Gruppe Razbar dem Bewahren altehrwürdiger spiritueller Musik und den Traditionen der Ahl-e Haqq, eines spirituellen Ordens, der im 15. Jh. von Soltan Eshaq gegründet wurde. Die Gruppe leitet ihren Namen von der geliebten Heiligen Khatune Razbar, Soltans Mutter, ab.

Die Gruppe ist wirklich revolutionär und einmalig, weil sie die erste Ahl-e Haqq - Gruppe ist, bei der Frauen und Männer zusammen in einem Andachtskontext auftreten.

Historisch gesehen war die spirituelle Zusammenkunft der Ahl-e Haqq nur für Männer gedacht, und der Frauen war selbst die Teilnahme daran untersagt, ganz zu schweigen von Singen und Tanzen. Der Pioniergeist der Gruppe Razbar reflektiert ihren festen Glauben an sowohl materielle als auch spirituelle Gleichberechtigend der Frauen.

Website: www.razbar.com
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Spiritual Concert Attended by Enthusiastic International Audience

Extra Blatt, Wednesday, April 4, 2001; St. Augustin

The Razbar Ensemble filled the audience with excitement and enthusiasm. This “concert” was actually much more than just a musical performance, as people from all over Europe came from such places as Hamburg, Denmark, England, France, and Switzerland to watch and support the Ensemble.

The sounds of the large frame drums (daf) and the stringed instruments (tanbur and kamanche) were fascinating… At the end of the program, ten women appeared on stage and danced to the rhythm of the drums in long, colorful, glittering robes, which were as exotic as the East itself. They were joined by several men as the dance accelerated in intensity and volume. Many in the audience could no longer bear to remain seated as they, too, began dancing in the aisles…
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