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Hewa Ameen     هیوا ئه مین -

- Film.Animation.
- Film.Feature_film.
- Design.Graphic Designers.

Hewa Ameen
 Online Gallery: 15 / 25
A Professional Multimedia Artist and Professor of Fine Arts and Design
with many years of experience in the graphic arts, sculpture,3 Modeler
Animator,Graphic Design, Digital Painting and Matt Painting.
- My name is Hewa Ameen.
- Was born in Iraq / Kurdistan.
- Diploma of Video Game Art and Illustration, 2008
- Centre for Distance Education, Digital Arts Technology, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada.
- Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design, 1986 Baghdad University, Baghdad, Iraq.
- Artist London, Ontario, Canada 2001-2005
Prepared exhibition in conjunction with the Arts Council of London,Ontario, Canada.
Exhibitions and Portrait commissions at various cultural events, including Sunfest.
Prepared personal exhibition in Central Public Library London,Ontario -Canada.
Produced 350 hand designed Christmas cards
Graphic Designer and Artist
Graphic artist for the state children’s production in film and print media
Bi-Weekly Arabic Magazine, Amman, Jordan 1998-2001.
Monthly Arabic newspaper AL- Bilad, London, Ontario 2005.
Birthplace: 1962-07-01
Birthplace: Sulaimani- Iraq
Current Location: Canada
Email: hewa AT hewaart.com
Website: hewaart.com
External Link I: Click here

Hewa’s Art studio can take 2d images of objects (your product) and convert (create) it to a 3d object that can be used for: 3D interactive scenes, 3D animated presentation, 3D model viewable on the web in 3D, and more.
Hewa’s Art studio uses the late
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