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Petroglyphs of Kurdistan

From 1998 to 2002, fortunately I had been able to recognize twelve prehistoric regions including about one thousand prehistoric drawings, eight caves and stony shelters located in various parts of Iranian Kurdistan like Saral, Horaman, Divandareh, Bijar, and Dehgolan regions . The scientific studying of explored drawings can make unknown spots of prehistoric Kurdistan known and besides enrich the history of ancient Persia.

I am grateful to God for succeeding me for recognizing, investigating and announcing the prehistoric drawings of Kurdistan, Iran. The petroglyphs of Kurdistan belong to various periods including Mesolithic, Neolithic, Bronze and the first thousands B.C. During the investigations which I led, it was observed that the most ancient drawings among the carvings on the stones and cave sides in Kurdistan are located in Horaman region and most and the nicest of them is in Saral. These drawings consist of pictures of horse and horseman, ibex, deer, jibir gazelle, horse, dog, wildboar, snake, sun, human, plants, geometrical shapes, and unintelligible symbolic signs. Ancient epigraphs are exposed to natural and human damages. On one side unaware passengers and on the other side atmospheric factors like rain, cold weather, sunshine, lichen, and sometimes the decay of rocks leads to the destruction of the drawings.

Jamal Lahafian

Sanandaj, Iran
P.O. Box: 66135-733

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