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Rebwar Saeed     رێبوار سه‌عید -

- Painting.Painters.

Rebwar Saeed
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Rebwar Saeed was Born 1962 in Suleimany (Silémaní) Centarl Kurdistan (Iraq). He Finished his education in Fine Art in 1994/97 and his MA-Fine Art in 1997/99 at the Middlesex University / London. Here follows a list of some of his exhibitions,

Group Shows

1983 Gallery Suleimany
1984/89 Tehran(Gallery Azadi and Gallery Hana Saura)
1990 Kurdish Institute in Paris
1992 Gallery A.C.A.P. Barcelona, Florsbachtal / Germany,
1993 Citizens Gallery London
1993 Metissage et Modernite Grenoble and Gallery Kufa:
1994 Living Fire Festival/ London, mGalery Le sous sol/ Paris, Ateler Gallery/ Lille, Crypt Gallery /London
1995 Quicksilver Gallery/ London
1995 Liege/ Belgique
1997 Lebovic Gallery/ Canada

Group Created Shows

1992 La pluie d'oiseaux, Kurdish Institute in Paris, St Andre/ France
1993 11th International Theatre Festival/ Poland, Armentieres/ France
1994 4th Festival de l'oiseau Musee Abbeville, Auby/ France
1995 Le conseil Reginal Nord-Pas de Calais a Lille-festival HUY /
1996 Belgique, Katowice Poland/
1996/99 Poland, A. Loos-en-Gohelle-Dieppe/ France- Bruxelles/Du Sud Luxembourg Belgique

Solo Shows

1984 Poetical Postress/ Hawler(Kurdistan)
1991 Wattrelos-Ateler Gallery/ Lille
1992 Kurdish Cultural Centre/ London
1994 Wood Green Gallery
1995 Douvrin L.B.T./ France
1996 Beuvry-maison del a pocsie/ France
1996 Gallery Space/ London, Sadler's Wells Theatre
1996 Riverside Studios Gallery/ London, Dieppe/ France
1997 Gallery Fibiti/ Amsterdam
1998 5000 Portraits-5000 Victims - Pitshanger Gallery/ London
1999 Haaksbergen Gallery&Koempoelan Gallery/ Holland
1999 ( Colour & Word), pitshanger Manor & Gallery, Riverside Studios Gallery and Quicksilver Gallery/ London, Buvery and Mery Court/ France ( London print Studio Prize)

Other Works

1984/89 Participation in the kurdish National Movement Editions
1986/89 Publication of two illustrated poetry books
1990 Group performance in athe area La Goutte d'Or/ Paris
1992 Formation of Artist's group Edwarina France
1996 Publication of illustrated poetry book/ France
1998 Formation of artists group -ART IN COMMON -London
1999 Publication of illustrated poetry book/ Kurdistan
1989/99 Workshop with children & adult /Iran /France/Poland, Austria and UK.
Phone Landline: +44 20 8752 1554
Email: RebwarSaeed AT hotmail.com
Website: www.rebwars.com
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Heshu's Commemoration in a series of Paintings

On October 10-11th, KWAHK commemorated Heshu in an international event staged in Paris. Today, KWAHK commemorates her through a series of paintings by the famous Kurdish artist, Rebwar Saeed. He was Heshu's art teacher for some time in Acton and knew her family. He made these paintings soon after Heshu's death on October 12th, 2002 and they were exhibited in West London. He has dedicated the paintings to KWAHK's website. Two of them were exhibited in Paris during a memorial ceremony for Heshu. Rebwar Saeed has been supporting and assisting KWAHK since its launch in March 2000.

On reflecting upon the death of Heshu, Rebwar Saeed said:
"Heshu was only ten years old when she attended my art class in Acton every Saturday. She was particularly calm, a calmness that was striking and left its trace within those who were lucky to be touched. In her beautiful eyes many hopes shone forth. Her drawing, along with choice and use of colour, reflected her dreams: dreams of flying, of joining the clouds and the moon to tell them her secrets.

Alas, before her dreams became true, they were killed. Today, when looking at her clouds, you can see that her dreams were the simple dreams of any normal human being on this earth. But for Heshu these dreams were seen as undeserved."
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