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Mîre Hêkan Jamal Abdo     جه‌ماڵ عه‌بدۆ -

- Painting.Painters.

Mîre Hêkan Jamal Abdo
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Jamal Abdo is born May 27th 1961 in Tal Kedich near Derbesiye, Southwestern Kurdistan into a kurdish family. Growing up at the Syrian-Turkish border makes the partition of his country become an everyday reality.

Early on he develops an interest for acting and painting. In 1980 he finishes school with A-levels. In 1981 at the age of nineteen he leaves his country; ever since Jamal lives and works in Germany.
In order to finance his studies of architecture at the FH-Aachen (major: stage design) he takes on jobs as a dishwasher, gravedigger and others. He takes up acting again soon after his arrival in Germany and during the years of his study he works with various directors and acts in Stielbruch-Theater, Theater Bohem and Staddtheater Aachen.
In 1988 he finishes his studies with a thesis on experimental theatre.
His long lasting education in ballet, modern dance and jazz dance offer him the opportunity for a first job as a fashion choreographer in an advertising agency.
Now as a freelance artist and designer his work is many-sided.
Among other things he has been working at WDR as a stage designer since 1989 and is working with ARD-Design.

Modern art plays a crucial part in his life. Energetically and passionately he transforms his imaginative ideas into objects and makes exhibitions in various European countries.

Dr. S. Wolters
Education: Dpl.ING.Architecture
Birthplace: Kurdistan
Current Location: Germany
Email: info AT mirhek.com
Website: www.mirhek.com/
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